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PostPosted: 08 Mar 2017, 21:10 

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I already joined a cupple premades now ever since iam back from my vacation.
Even tho i was sceptical about some of the changes made, the premades have been alot of fun and some of the changes brought some interesting new mechanics with them.
Lets start with the unit that probably got discussed the most in marine arena history:

1) Medivac
i had my doubts if i ever play medivac again, but after some testgames i gotta say i actualy like the new medivac.
with the cargo upgrade it gets realy speedy and still can load a decent amount of units.
i also like the fokus on healing medivac has right now.
this gets realy interesting when playing air for example

2) AiR
the missing of dropgoliaths made playing Air realy interesting.
i realy do love the way air works right now, because air now is viable, yet nothing you can preemt.
choose air carelessly and you will have a hard time finding any food.
but if you make the right call, air can be very strong.
this mechanic requires good game knowledge, a close observation of ppl choices and good micro to execute.
Nerfing Medivac had a realy nice impact here, well done!

3) Disruptor
i realy like the design of disruptor, its gameplay mechanic, it requires alot of micro, on both sides, and i would love to play it in premades.
unfortunately this will only be a daydream, because disruptor as it stands now is not worth it....

4) reapers
a nerf was deffo needed given how strong reapers have been b4 LotV patch.
but i feel like they got hit to hard, also considering that disruptor pawns them.
nevertheless, better have a unit that is slightly underpowered and doesnt hurt games, than having an op unit that RIPs games

5) Phoenix
no patch can have positives only
i like nix ground attack for the very high end premade leve.
tho this mechanic hurts normal premades and publics alot.
having a counter unit farm well as well, is something i dont think can stay

Have a nice day :D

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PostPosted: 08 Mar 2017, 22:09 

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why did my post get removed like honestly lag endgame is worse then ever and i didnt bm in it.

As i said before how about the 0 fps after sd mark that is ruining the game for many if not all at that point.

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2017, 09:06 
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Tourney Winner
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Disruptors are not strong against reapers.... You need at least three disruptor shots to kill reapers which will never happen and good players will not get hit by a purification nova at all.


PostPosted: 09 Mar 2017, 09:15 

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then i think reapers hp should be nerfed to where 2 disruptors can kill them.
also disruptors could use better scaling to not get bad so quickly.

+1 anything crow says because he is right about everything

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