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PostPosted: 11 Aug 2018, 00:04 
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Squad mode:

The no-elite option sounds fun but will make certain strats op because sometimes elites are needed as counters for others.

Air mercs:

The bounty increase is massive but I guess seems reasonable given their strength.
The spawn time is an issue though because, let me explain a game:
Someone gets air, it is maybe not scanned or it is just very early; he gets a fair amount of air units out.-> instantly controls the whole map because he can even reach onto opposing highgrounds and prevent every other team from farming if there are no, already upgraded(before that they arent viable at all), goliath or another equally quick air merc. This is an issue which will be further increased because of this, i would suggest not reducing spawntime.

, great! please leave an indication somewhere or provide a picture as to how far the detection radius reaches.


This is madness, its not that it provides more interesting early games or WHATEVER, instead it leaves the option for one team to be all-inned by all others at the beginning. absolutley stupid change on no valid grounds, DO NOT IMPLEMENT THIS IN ALL SANITY

edit: to take away the argument from anyone suggesting, WELL thats what we have base defences for...: if u are forced to spend 300 or more of early game money on base defences just to be save against a potential all in, which if done simulatinously by all teams cant even be stopped, then you will be far behind in the game anyways, BECAUSE you had to spend that money.

anyways. this change is insane and i am strongly against it and i would appreciate feedback actually being taken into account unlike in the last major patch discussion where the "discussion" was simply closed down and the changes implemented

Fastest speed CC:

Great idea again, perfect solution to exactly the problem which will occur if the saviour change is implemented....

Marine Bounty:

Well if someone rams marines into fungles or seekers or helions or whatever its the guys fault for being stupid not marines having high bounty; same suggestion could be made about air: "oh no my opponent always wins after i only twice ram 100 voids into his 3 missile turret setup, how weird! we should reduce their bounty..."

Some ups some downs, DO NOT DO THE SAVIOUR THING,

Greetings Crow

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PostPosted: 11 Aug 2018, 14:45 
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fluffy wrote: every idea is retarded except for the pf in fastest well done.

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