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 Post subject: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 09 Jul 2019, 23:28 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Joined: 03 Jan 2017, 19:03
Posts: 437 ID: Raiden
Next update changes Final:


Tychus Morph:
Increased Base Weapon range from 4.25 to 4.5

Raynor Morph:
Reduced Base Weapon Attack speed from 1.2 to 1.1

Infested Savior:

Added 100% Armor Ignore on Infested Savior’s main weapon.
Reduced base “Damage” from 300 to 200.
Reduced base “Heroic Damage” from 150 to 100.

Base Defenses:

Added 100% Armor Ignore on all Base Defense Structures. (PF Cannon already had 100% armor ignore)
Upgrade Base Defense Armor cost will be increased by +100 per level. (starts from 300, then 400, 500 etc.)

Spine Crawler (Zerg Defense)
Increased “Spine Crawler” attack speed (zerg defense) from 1.5 to 1.25
Increased Base damage from 100 to 150.
(Reminder, Spine Crawler doesn’t have any AoE, its weapon is dealing “Single Target Damage”.

Missile Turret:
Increased base “Weapon Range” from 8 to 8.25

Photon Cannon:
Increased Base damage from 50 to 75.
Reduced “Splash Fraction” from 50% to 25%.
Decreased Weapon Attack speed from 1.15 to 1.

Arena Shop:

Destroy “Base Defenses” price is now increased from 500 to 750.
Destroy “Base Defenses” also takes out “Missile Turrets”.


Temple Zealot:
Ultimate Heroes now “Ignore Hardened Shield” & they deal full damage to Temple Zealots.

Removed the 50% Armor Ignore for “Air Targets”.
Increased Splash Radius for “Air Targets” from 0.5 to 0.75
Increased Base Damage for “AA Weapon” from 13 to 15.

Frenzy Ability had 75% armor ignore, this is now removed from both “Hydralisk & Hunters”.
Increased base damage for “Frenzy Ability” from 5 to 7.
Added in “Mercenary Boost” upgrades +1 to Frenzy Ability damage per upgrade.
Increased base cooldown for “Frenzy Ability” from 30 seconds to 45.
Increased in “Mercenary Boost” upgrade the cooldown reduce to Frenzy Ability from -2 seconds to -5.
Increased damage scale for “Frenzy Ability” in Mercenary attack upgrades from +0.5 to +1..

Void Ray:
Removed 100% armor ignore from main weapon.
On Mercenary Boost upgrades, each upgrade gives 10% armor ignore.

Elite Mercenaries:

Added “Observation Mode” which increases “Detection Range” from 11 to 13.
While in “Observation Mode” the unit cannot move.
Increased Base Health from 50 to 200.
Reduced Base Shield Health from 250 to 100.
Reduced Shield Armor from 2 to 1.
Increased Life Armor from 1 to 2.

Increased “Revelation Ability” energy cost from 35 energy to 50.
Increased “Phase Shift Ability” energy cost from 35 to 75.

All Heroic units will use a cargo space of 8 slots when loaded in Medivac.
(Thor, Colossus & Ultralisk were already using 8 slots).
When Medivac is killed, units that are inside will lose 75% of their total health.
Removed “ +0.2 Energy Regeneration” from “Healing Mastery upgrade.
Added in “Healing Mastery Upgrade” +30% more healing radius.

Increased “Missile Barrage Ability” damage scale from +5 to +10.


Heroic Upgrades:
For the Heroes that have the 2nd heroic upgrade cost being “350 minerals”, this will be reduced to 250.
Level 1 remains 150, just for level 2 is changing from 350 minerals to 250.
(Heroes being affected are: Phoenix, Hunter Killer, dark templar, Thor, Colossus, Ultralisk)

Thor Hero:
Increased “Air Weapon” Splash radius from 0.75 to 1.

Colossus Hero:
Colossus Stun no longer removes 25% of shields, instead the ability just uses cooldown only as a cost.
Increased Colossus Stun ability cooldown from 45 seconds to 60.

Hunter Killer Hero:
Fixed the “2nd Weapon Range Upgrade” cost which was 150 instead of 200.

Phoenix Hero:
Fixed the “2nd Gravitic Drive Upgrade” cost which was 225 instead of 275.

Ultimate Heroes:

Tempest Ultimate Hero:
Increased Base AoE Fraction from 25% to 40%.
Increased Base AoE Radius from 0.6 to 0.7

Dark Archon Ultimate Hero:
Increase “Health Regeneration rate” from 10 to 15.
Increased “Maelstrom Ability” cooldown from 35 seconds to 45.

Archon Ultimate Hero:
Reduced “Health Regeneration Rate Delay” from 10 seconds to 5.
Removed -1 gas cost for Ultimate Morph requirement.

QueenFestor Ultimate Hero:
Increased “Health Regeneration Rate” When “Burrowed” from 7.5 to 10.
Reduced “Base Life Armor” from 4 to 3.


Elimination Mode:
Elimination Mode decreases All units Spawn times when a team is out.
This is now added to “Fast & Fastest” game modes. Normal Speed is the only mode without “Elimination mode”.

Squad Mode:
Each player will receive 10 minerals every 10 seconds, from 5 minerals every 15 seconds.

Mercenary Compound location:
All mercenary compounds are now closer to the “Command Center” by 0.15 range.
This is a very small difference not visible without knowing this change, but this change took place in order to make the 7 range Ultimate Heroes (Kerrigan, Odin, etc.) unable to attack the compound from the side high ground cliff.

Leaving Team:
When both players from a team quit the game, once the timer expires it will also kill all the units (Marines, Mercenaries, Elites or Heroes) along with “Command Center, Mercenary Compound & Missile Turrets”

When “Winning a game” and pressing the “Return to game” button, a new button has been added that once pressed, will show “Victory Screen” for the player. This has been added in order to avoid seeing “Games that were a win” to count as “Defeat” since the player had to quit the game from the main menu after selecting “return to game”.

Voting Screen:
Voting Screen now has 3 options for “Game Mode, Game Speed, and SD”.
The “Expert Speed” has been removed and the remains options are the following:
Normal Speed, Fast Speed and Fastest Speed.
The 120 min SD has been removed and the remaining options are the following:
60 Min SD, 90 Min SD and No SD.

You think that you are able to catch a lightning?
I'd love to see you try⚡

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 10 Jul 2019, 00:34 

Joined: 27 Aug 2017, 09:57
Posts: 64 ID: 2536
you cant be real with that sudden death change can you?

elite shop only available for 5 min in sd? thats some real nasty change right there.
You will remove so much strat variety and only letting a move win

Dont implement that SD change, it will be a crtical change to sd and make it so much more boring with no strat variety. For example Doomdrop, tank sentry to take mid/towers, oracles to kill ultimates, and corr for air or debuff and many more.

from 4/10 strat variety to 2/10 if u implement this

Gamesense will just not be usefull anymore because of no elites

IMO horrible change

(and i know this is for a change after this patch)

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 10 Jul 2019, 17:56 

Joined: 25 Feb 2019, 17:44
Posts: 25 ID: 1881
So hunters are already bad and most of the players stopped using them but u still nerf them?
Colosus never had problems with losing shields for stun. No idea why u adress this when colo is unusable vs medium players due to to many counters.
Never felt that DA or Queen needs any health buff, but Archon is still bad even with the same change. These changes adress only first 2 heroes.
Removing destroy merc comp is limiting SD tactics and is bad imo
Air gets buffed from 2 sides. One by nerfing goli and 2 buffing air. Looks interesting but air might become to stronk. Need to see.

I really hate nerfing mercs. I for example play kinda good midgame but good players tend to rape me in SD. And that is good bc it adds another layer to the game and makes me learn new strats.
SD is not that common in pubs. It usually ends soon after SD starts but in premades this is the most interesting and skilled fase of the game.

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 10 Jul 2019, 22:41 

Joined: 08 Jan 2017, 12:00
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Porca Madonna

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 10 Jul 2019, 23:23 
Beta Tester
Beta Tester

Joined: 11 Nov 2017, 00:46
Posts: 149 ID: ExCaL#2981
Replying to this in Sections:

Both Tychus and raynor are worthless so....

Base Defence:
-Like the armour increase - stops pubs bm buying armour and makes games shorter so good overall.
-Don't like missile turret range increase or adding a 4th turret, they are already very very good against air. Air in the hands of a pub player is just complete and even skilled players struggle.
-Fine on armour ignore


-like the oracle
-like the banshee
- like the obs (is like ladder)
- dislike the medi. Already said previously its one of the biggest skills in the game to pick up heroes in medi. Increasing energy cost PLUS making units more damaged upon death is a huge huge nerf where medi at the moment actually seems in a good spot. BAD.


- Tempest YES needs something
- Everything else (I agree with Kruger) whos asked for these changes and whats the reasoning?


- Blow base defence increase. It should blow missile turrets. But now 750 when its 150 to remake a missile turret. WTF?

- SD Change (removing shops, destroying base and marine spawn removal) Awful suggestion. Will make games LONGER. Limits strat variety. just WHY

- MERC COMP LOCATION: Disagree. Both odin and kerri are underused and its super risky to go on cliff there. In addition, another nerf to air. Dislike.


- removing shop after 5 minutes :- where do u get this from? This will make games LONGER, remove loads of strats and reduce skill factor in game. This is by far the most shocking suggestion I have ever seen on a patch.

- Air rework. Air is already in a bad place due to many factors (the turret changes, the lack of blow base defence, the strength of corruptors etc etc). Pubs with air are complete feed, good players with air just about get by due to split control and microing back weakened units. This suggestion is a complete rework and im nervous about it but would be happy to test it on a test map before implementation if thats something that non betas are allowed to do.

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 11 Jul 2019, 01:42 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Joined: 03 Jan 2017, 19:03
Posts: 437 ID: Raiden
First of all, the reason the changes are being posted here is to gather feedback BEFORE implementing anything.

So in case someone believes that all of these changes will be added, he is simply wrong and just rushed to conclusions.

The game's duration currently with SD is something that some might like, while others don't.
Current SD mechanic allows room to have games that can last over 2hours, and while this is something some players enjoy, for the general picture of the game is not good.
Players can simply choose (NO SD) and play for hours and hours, but SD needs to be SD, not SD but lets play for 1 more hour.

Everyone is free to comment and give feedback based on these changes, or any other change that comes to his mind, as long as its written in a good mannered way, because a lot of time is given in order to do update balance changes.

There's some units which require a bigger balance change, but because there's players that are enjoying these units (even if they are considered or being close to broken) I am trying to balance them without changing them completely.

Now to answer and give the reasons behind the changes that were quoted:

Destroy Base defense cost increase:
1 turret costs 150, but 3 turrets x6 players cost 2.7k minerals.
If destroy base defense was taking out 1 structure, yea sure np reducing the cost to 200 or 300, but clearly this ability takes out all turrets from all players, including any other "base defense structures" that were created.
Correct balance would be 1k at least, but even with 750 I see this seems like a lot while the numbers show the opposite.

Removing shop abilities in SD:
Current SD removes infested saviors and base defenses + marine drops.
This is a "light form of SD" and this is how we were referring to it even back on EU-5 when it was first implemented, a "light SD".
Clearly this light SD allows room for games to last much longer since almost all the strategies are there and available to the player, while the game should simply end within 10-20 maximum after SD occurs, at least that's what I want to achieve.

Like the written reason, having high health units gives less risk to even lose the medivac and doom drop an enemy base.
Changing the energy requirement or at least the remaining health after medivac is killed will clearly bring more fair battles.
Can keep the energy requirement the same, and change remaining health once medivac is killed.

Merc location:
Clearly attacking from the side cliff while the enemy doesn't have any saviors or even if the player has saviors a (scan + recall) can simply make the savior be wasted, is not fair.
When being on the side of an enemy's compound, scanning the Command Center area is something that most good players do all the time.
There were many complains about specific ultimates being able to attack compounds from side, where the enemy has to either scan, or buy observer, and these complains were also being mentioned like "a bug or a glitch".

Missile turret range + limit increase:
Since all compounds (along missile turrets) were moved +0.5 range closer to the CC, missile turret range had to be increased in order to be balanced against Air side attacks.
If the compounds were not moved, a buff on turret range was simply not needed, neither planned.

Air rework and Elite shop 5 minute availability:
Air doesn't have the correct balance for bounty and kill reward, (Spawns every 10 second, gives 14 bounty reward) and making air spawning every 7 seconds with the current values will lead to OP air mercenary situations.
Either its going to be weaker and spawn faster, or keep it the same and receive a buff where is needed in the next update.
Elite mercenary shop is again another way of reducing the game's duration when SD occurs, as well as making the SD not to be "so light".
But again these last 2 changes, were planned for a future update, and like all of the above changes nothing will be implemented without first gathering feedback, like its always been done before every update since months now.

You think that you are able to catch a lightning?
I'd love to see you try⚡

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 11 Jul 2019, 08:14 

Joined: 02 Aug 2017, 22:23
Posts: 193 ID: TPKpaul#2964
The marine changes are a step in the right direction but I don't think will make enough of a difference to make them viable. Double spawn is still the only option.

Interesting ideas on Missile turrets, would like to see how this turns out. Could be good!

Temple Zealots hardened shield being ignored by ultis is a cool idea but would have to test for balance.

Void ray change is un-needed IMO.

Goliath Nerf... These need a small buff not a nerf. NOT enthusiastic about this one at all!

Hunters/Hydra Nerf Totally uncalled for they are already almost useless in current meta.

Observer change looks interesting, see how it pans out.

Oracle change is great!

Banshee is not enough. People don't really use the barrage, giving them more attack speed and/or range could be handy to give them an elite sniping role???

Medivac change I'm OK with but maybe RIP doom drops.... sometimes the only way to break 2.5 hour games :D I guess it is removing some of the skill element of the game but I know a lot of players; myself included; struggle against medi hero play so I think this one may cause arguments. (When has medi changes never caused problems haha)

Colo isnt being used because of it's relatively expensive cost to be used as a farmer hero. changing the stun doesn't change this. Maybe think about slight splash buff again?

HK fine.

Nix fine.

Tempest buff is always good because they are pretty trash still.

DA was finally at a point where it felt kinda balanced (for an ulti) the Nerf on the Maelstrom will force players to be more cautious with the DA which is good. Also makes defending Mid from mutliple teams more challenging. Unsure of why a HP regen buff was added here?

Archon confusing buff but im sure you felt it was needed somehow.

Queen armour reduction but HP regen buff??? not sure what the aim is with this one.

destroy base def: Glad to see it's back but seems a little pricey but open to testing it and also just happy to have it back.

Arena shop abilities removed after SD is a good change IMO stops people just holding mid and starving the other players. Makes for a more action packed game.

Saviour buff on armour pen is good (y)

Merc compounds being moved out of the range of some ultis is a good change.

Leaving team change i see as a fairly neutral change

Winning a game change is a great feature requested by many for so long. Well done.

I got confused at the game type bit. So basically to play with 2 saviours each we must now pick normal mode?

Air mercs are OK as they are now, that's part of the trade off of getting air. Not sure how the new changes in the map will affect this though so maybe leave it as it is and then re look later?

Elite shops change NO NO NO NO :D I don't think a single person will agree with you on this one sorry :P

thanks for reading :) Thanks for continuing to work on this map <3

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 11 Jul 2019, 12:04 
Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: 04 Jan 2017, 21:03
Posts: 216
Hey all

I exposed already this to Raiden but as the next update is also on table for public, THis is some of my comments about this patch.

-About reverting the missile turrets removability with “destroy base defense”. As you increased the price, that can be more fair, but at the same time if you offer the possibility to build an additional tower, that might be more painful in case of use of “destroy base defense”. So let see. But I see also that wont be usable in SD so that will save the towers alive when no savior can be used; so this is not bad.

-The cancelation of elites in SD is a big change. And this will be interesting to see. This will make a big difference between those who kept elites and those who lost them. But that might reduce the middle camping with 4 tanks and 4 sentries. I am more concerned about Viking/corruptors. You might not be able to counter air in endgame? For sure this change is pretty unpredictable on the outcome of the games. Particularly the lethal medivac drop might be reduced (or at least that might not be used too much).
-Void ray: They had always some ignore armor. It was 60% then 30% in the past. They might suck vs some units with this change, since they scale poorly in attack. (armor up > attack up). They need something in exchange.
-Medivac: you think increasing cargo space for hero will change something? I think more the energy cost to carry heroes might limit the strategy with spell casters. Increasing HP lose uppon medivac death is probably the last best think to balance medivac. But nerfing 2 spots at the same time seems a bit too much.
-Hunter/hydralysk: I am not sure it is good to remove armor ignore on frenzy. The damage given are not that high for frenzy spines and they worked mostly like a spell damage. If you remove that ability I think the abilty will be quite useless versus some armored units and will be close to a normal splash attack. At the moment hunters seems to me balanced with splash removal.
-Raynor Morph. This is a very small buff. I think they might need more love? Can you go to 1.1 or 1.0 attack speed at least? Even with that I am not sure they will be more played.

All the rest are good changes overall for me or at least this wont change dramaticly actual power of some units (like regeneration thing about ultimates)

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 11 Jul 2019, 13:30 

Joined: 04 Jan 2017, 07:54
Posts: 96
So many things to say ...
marines +1
base defense +1

-1 goli (they work against air only with a medivac, air player can dodge you till he gets XXX K bounty ahead and switch to temples and melt you) so another nerf to them to air will make them useless against air)
-1 hunters - nobody play them anymore so ... i think its already dead.
+1 voids

Elite mercenaries
+1 all of them

+1 Colo

+1 Tempest (is trash right now)
-1 DA (maybe we can try with 15 instead of 20)
-1 Queenfestor (same here, maybe 10?)

SD - bad ideea to destroy them after 5min, will be just a bunch of rines and mercs whooping eachother asses. If someone camp in the middle just throw 2 nukes and thats it.

Btw we all miss old ghost upgrades.

 Post subject: Re: Next Update 2.24x
PostPosted: 11 Jul 2019, 17:21 

Joined: 02 Aug 2017, 22:23
Posts: 193 ID: TPKpaul#2964
Yeah.... maybe think about previous ghost upgrades?

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