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PostPosted: 18 Sep 2017, 08:04 
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Terotex wrote: 1.Lag:Once sd hit and teams switched to temples the lag wasnt playable and everyone gave up

MY OPINION: Sorry but I can't agree with that. It rarely laggs in SD since there are mostly less then all player playing.
I guess if all people mass max unit at sd, this can happend a bit, but i generally do not feel unplayable lags personally (but i have a good PC)

2.Gh: starting gh didnt kill another gh with snipe, it put it in red and it lived. The gh player couldnt have had more then 1 or 2 health upgs. As it was first 10 mins.
MY OPINION: It seems there is really a bug! I tested it myself - an un-upgraded ghost snipe deals exactly 1213 damage to another ghost. ( not 1600 as the description says ). Its true - 2 merc upgrades are enough to survive 1 vanilla ghost snipe. ( 2 merc upgrades = 1219 ghost life )
I am surprised RAynor complained about this point, never happend to me. Btw i will check if the tooltips are wrong or something else weird about ghost snipe.

3.Merc balance is off: Hunters are terrible early and late game, only good midd game when there damage out scales. Temples still trample late game and everyone switches to them. Dessy Counter neither goliaths or temples.
MY OPINION: TBH I rarely use Hunters. But I tested them some minutes ago to write this review and i got suprised! In a 1v1 Battle Hunter won against: Immortal, Stalker Lancer ( close ) AND crawler! And lost against Devil Dogs.
It seems to be not that weak. Maybe the 3x300 upgrades or abilities are Gamechanger in this situations but in a 1v1 on vanilla based stats those are the results.
Temple: Yes, they are really strong in lategame since their shield is a strong "tanker" for hig hupgraded marines in the back. I recommend you to use cracklings or even devil dogs. Beside that there are also other counter possibilies like Infestor or High Tempalr to kill the marines behind the temple and focus the merc after!

I also agree with terrotex. If you use frenzy on with upgraded units hunters vs upgraded units you will even see the difference stronger. I more believe T2 in general are less played cause they cost more than other mercenaries in general. (650+650-->1300 vs 1100 T3 or 800 T1 (max 1050 in case of complete switch). This difference for an overall cost can be important in early game. I am wandering if the cost of T2 should not be 600+600 because this is normal to pay more in 2 step but not that much. About Temple , I still believe the major problem is marines behind not temple themself. None can play pure temple with no marines, this will be a fail.

4.Hunter killers(hero): Very dissapointing using them is so bad. 4 reapers kill more then hk. Not sure what the reason for nerf on them was? Would love if raiden could enlighten as many have asked why they were nerfed.
MY OPINION: Sorry to say, but 4 reaper definetly do NOT counter them. With the weapon range upgrade they have the exactly same range as range upgraded hunterkiller. Since reaper mostly fight side by side the splash of hunterkiller can easily snipe them out of the army. Try it! You will see that its really hard to kill hunterkiller with reaper if they focus you.
HKS are overplayed on MA-EU. THe reason has been identifying to be their strong splash attack. HAving a unit x4 which can attack faster than a stimmed marines is a problem, so the splash radius was slightly reduced as well as splash fraction (see patch note)

5. Other rine spawns are terrible tried war piggies(very bad idea, dont try at home).
MY OPINION: I agree with that. I rarely use other marine spawns then the double or raynor.
But I'm also sure there will be changes soon!

I am not agree with that. I play often Tychus as well as piggies (maybe the less) and I can tell they are very good depending the situation. I f you go marine up, tychus can counter ez any air merc and also all melee. But this works only if you get decent upgrade like full range, full attack speed 100 Hp, +10 attack, +2-3 armor. SO dont expect countering mutas at 20min game, maybe at 40 yes.
THe conclusion is the same about piggies, you need at least +150 HP marines with 4-5 armor to have something more valuable than double spawn. In these 2 cases you need a nice investment in marines before a value. Now if you get Raynor, you have already +3 attack and +0.5 longer range, up to 6.5 longer than any other merc! :O, so i believe they are ready to use , no need of lot of investment.
Concerning Raynor i think it will be more fair to give him instead of instant +3, +1.25 attack by upgrade. YOu will need 12 upgrade to get +3, and will have more benefit higher.

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2017, 08:17 

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In pres, good pres, most teams are alive by sd. If not then it wasnt a good pre

+1 anything crow says because he is right about everything

Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum
Vero=best mod.

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