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PostPosted: 23 Nov 2018, 17:48 

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now that we have a reference on how much the mercenaries scale (Mercenary Scaling Table Post), i think we can start on discussing an actual balance patch.

I would suggest following:
-Damage Scaling 1.75 down to 1.5 and
-attack speed 1.73 to 1.83 (with stim 1.25)
this probably will be far to few to nerf the properly, but it is a start.

-damage scaling on marine and hero damage fixed will help alot
the issue with lancers the missing of proper counters. Phantoms scale the worst in the entire game so its only natural lancers do well

Lets face it, destroyers immortals and crawlers scale by 1.75, which is the same as maraiders, but for some reason maraiders have better splash, far better attack speed, high movenment speed and the incredible slow ability on top.

-Damage scaling 1.75 up to 3.0
-5 % less splash on base and with overcharge
-attack speed 1.65 to 1.55

-Damage scaling 1.75 up to 2.5
-Attack speed 1.88 to 1.70

-Damage scaling 1.75 up to 2.25

The worst scaling unit in the game: Phantoms
i think we can all agree phantoms suck really hard in lategame.
the best way to help is an increase in attack speed in my opinion.
that is because phantoms are used with stun and kiting early game. most units die on the initial shooting volley. therefore attack speed will not have a huge impact on the eraly game but very well have impact on lategame
-attack speed 1.75 -> 1.45 (=0.1 attack speed) on the phantom TRAININGS only, not on base!! (most ppl skip the trainings right now)
-health scaling 16 up to 19
-damage scaling 1.5 -> 2
-starting damage 18 -> 14

this will probably not change the fact phantoms suck in lategame, but is a step into the right direction.

Will be saving melee/air mercs for later, i think ranged is more than enough to look at for now.


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