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PostPosted: 30 Jan 2017, 23:57 
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Like i write in topic, the list is incomplete, there's some more changes in this patch that we lost due to previous forum.
From now even the slightest change is being noted and saved.

Hybrid Destroyers:
Fraction 0.27 radius 0.7, new values 0.27 and 0.4
When overcharged:
Fraction 0.47 and radius 0.7, new values 0.42 and 0.7

Hybrid Reavers:
Armor change from 4.5 to 4
Splash dmg changes, 1st attack was 0.5 fraction and 0.95 radius, now its 0.5 fraction and 0.3 radius in 45 degrees arc.
2nd attack 0.5 fraction and 0.95 radius, now its 0.5 fraction and 0.5 radius in a 180 degrees arc.

Added on mercenary upgrades +0.5 second firepack duration with each upgrade,
resulting in a total of +1.5 seconds firepack duration with all mercenary upgrades.
Added +15 life per mercenary upgrade resulting in a total of +45 life with all mercenary upgrades.
Before = 5 firepack duration, Now = 6.5 firepack duration.
Reduced splash radius to 0.6 from 1.

Warp Zealots:
Changed base shields from 55 to 75, and base hp from 180 to 175.
Added a small splash for warps in order to make the counter work better against crawlers, but also to separate em from temples since they don’t have hardened shield.
Splash stats fraction 0.2 and radius 0.35 in a 90 degrees arc.
Changed base shields from 55 to 75, and base hp from 180 to 175.
Reduced Shield upgrade scale to 6 from 7

Reduced 2nd and 3rd Bounce Damage attacks by -2 for each.
Reduced Bounce impact radius on 1st and 2nd bounce by 50%
Reduced Bounce impact radius on 3rd hit by 60%, Splash damage for 3rd bounce remains the same.

Temple Zealots:
Changed base shields from 110 to 100, base hp reduced from 165 to 150.
Changed ascend to temple zealot hotkey from B to T
Changed the “Train zealot hotkey from T to Z”
Reduced hardened shield minimum damage taken to 9.
Maximum damage is the same. (10)
Reduced Temple Zealot Base Shields to 100 from 110.
Reduced Shield upgrade scale to 6 from 7,
Increased charge move speed by +0.3 for both normal and temple zealots

High Templar:
Increased base storm damage from 10 to 11.
Storm dmg upgrade now gives +5 from +6 which was.
Storm hero upgrade dmg scale now gives +2 dmg from +4 which was.
Changed energy leech per upgrade from 0.527 to 0.427

Increased unit scale radius size by +0.15.

Dark Archon:
Reduced Void Prison Range by -2.

Increased Base HP by +1000, new base is 4000/4000

Hunter Killer:
Increased Base HP to 1500 from 1400.
Incresed Base move to 2 from 1.90

Absorb Shield base duration is increased by +1 second.
Increased Odin AIR attack Splash Radius by +0.10
Reduced Odin AIR weapon attack speed by -0.5
Increased Thor Ground Weapon Damage to 75 from 60.
Increased Thor Base AA Damage by +10
Increased Thor Hero attack upgrades scale to 7.5 from 5. (AIR ONLY)

Increased Base HP stats by +200, Previous was 400shields/600hp
New is 400shields/800hp.
Increased Splash Radius for Phoenix Ion Cannon Weapon by +0.10

Seeker Missile Splash Radious has been reduced by -0.25
Countermeasures Upgrade Seeker Splash Remains the Same.

Reduced the energy cost of force field from 75 to 50.
Increased the energy cost for guardian shield from 50 to 75.
Fixed Guardian shield being bigger even without Plasma Emmiters upgrade
Now Guardian shield has the normal radius unless u purchase plasma emmiters
Which gives +2.5 radius.
Also middle beacon was being affected by the same bug having always a bigger
Guardian shield. Fixed middle beacon guardian shield radius to its previous values
And its no longer being affected by sentry.

Reduced movespeed boost from “Cloak Recharge” ability to +1 from +3 movement speed.
Increased the cooldown needed to use “Cloak Recharge” to 60 from 45 seconds.
When upgrading to “Extended Matrix” Energy for Mass Recall decreases to 75 from 100.
“Extended Matrix” Now offers a different mass recall ability enabling you to select the units you want to recall.

Reduced base weapon speed for “Chibi Colossus” to 1.3 from 1.1
With all hero attack speed upgrades goes to 0.9, previous value was 0.7.

Removed +3 the Targets D8 Charge from “Critical Strike” and Moved it to “Field Commander” Upgrade
Removed +3 Life Regen from “Field Commander” and Moved it to “Critical Striker” Upgrade.
Reduced D8 Charge base explosion damage to 60 from 75.
Marine Morphs:
Removed -1 Bounty from three marines morphs (Raynor, Tychus, War Pigs)
New bounty for Marines Morphs is 5, from 6.

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