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 Post subject: Change Log 24/04/2017
PostPosted: 24 Apr 2017, 16:36 
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Hello, here is the latest balance changes (part 1).

Reduced Firepack cooldown from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
Firepack damage reduction is now 20% from 30%
When using firepack, attack speed is faster by 30%.
Reasoning: Firebats/DD are rarely used, changing the balance on them giving a better chance for players to pick em, cooldown has been reduced so they can use stim more often, also stim gives faster attack speed, in return the dmg reduction is nerfed, but players can stim more times now.

Spectre (Starting Merc):
Weapon attack speed is increased to 1.65 from 1.5
Added in Training upgrades -0.5 weapon speed per upgrade.
Reasoning: Spectres are overused for quite sometime now, both in pub and premade games, they don’t require training upgrades to be viable like other starting mercs do.

Increased health upgrade scale to +25 from +22. (Roach/Crawler also)
Reduced Life regeneration rate for beetle when burrowed to 3.5 from 7.5
Reduced base damage for beetles to 26 from 27
Increased beetle attack upgrade scale to 2 from 1.75
Increased Splash radius to 0.5 from 0.35
Decreased Splash fraction to 35% from 50%.
Reasoning: Beetles are not played very often, with this balance change, giving em more hp per upgrade and a higher attack scale along with + 15% more splash radius, makes the unit overall much better and more balanced against their counters.

Reduced Ground move speed from 1.75 to 1.50 (With Glial upgrade ground move speed goes to 2.25 from 2.50)
Increased health upgrade scale to +25 from +22.
Reduced burrowed move speed from 3.15 to 3.
Increased base burrowed move speed from 2.46 to 2.5
Reasoning: Crawlers are not played by many, they require high micro and its hard to combine em with elites or heroes, (only a few heroes or elites can work with them) But once you learn how to play with them, they are very strong. This balance change mostly focuses on making crawlers “slow (without Glial Upgrade) when in ground and fast when burrowed”

Hybrid Destroyer:
Added faster attack speed +20% when “Overcharge” is ON.
Reduced Overcharge splash radius by -0.2.
New splash values for Destroyer are, 27% fraction & 0.5 Radius. (Without Overcharge)
47% Splash fraction & 0.5 Radius. (With Overcharge) (Previous radius value was 0.7 with overcharge).
Reasoning: Hybrid Destroyer have a nice splash dmg, but lacks something in order to be better against their counters (specially temple zealots).

Increased base hp to 320 from 310.
Reduced Air weapon splash fraction to 50% from 70%
In return, increased air weapon range to 6 from 5.5 (With all training upgrades).
Reasoning: Goliath splash was very high, but with shorter air range, something that changed a while back, balanced em in a way against anti-air. Now the range is back to 6, but with a nerfed splash fraction by -20% can bring better anti-air results, without being OP or UP.

Added 0.34 splash radius & 25% splash fraction to hydralisk/hunter ranged weapon.
Reasoning: Hunters/Hydras are almost not used at all, despite having some fast attack, they loosing their battles most of the time, so giving em something more in order to win and balance em against their counters.

Increased health upgrade scale to +25 from +19.
Decreased matrix shield upgrade scale to +10 from +12.
Reduced base damage to 20 from 22.
Attack upgrade scale has been reduced to +1.75 from +2.
Reduced Shield matrix bonus from training upgrades to +10 shields from +20.
Reasoning: Immortals had a high starting damage along with nice splash and a High attack upgrade scale. Giving more hp and reducing dmg, will make em more tankier but will also make their counters work better.

Increased health upgrade scale to +25 from +23.

Odin Ultimate Hero:
Increased health upgrade scale to 350 from 325.
Increased barrage cannons damage to 750 from 375.
Removed the +50% structure damage from odin barrage cannons.
Barrage cannons scale with +30 damage per hero attack upgrade.

Lurker Hero:
Increased hero attack speed upgrade to 0.11 from 0.10
Total attack speed with all upgrades is 1.0 from 1.05

Dark Archon Ultimate Hero:
Removed Shield leech upon attacking from Dark Archon.
Reasoning: Dark archon is already one of the strongest ultimate heroes, having also a shield leech is not needed.

Dark Templar Hero:
Reduced the shield leech gained from attacks by 15%.
Reasoning: Dark templar with all leech upgrades becomes really strong and can tank a lot of damage, specially if the player adds 3-4 armor upgrades, they become very hard to kill and the hero is able to farm a lot without loosing shields.

Kerrigan Ultimate Hero:
Added 25% splash damage in “Bio-plasmid” ability.

Phoenix Hero:
Increased Hero Building time to 45 seconds from 30.

Command Center/Bunker:
Increased Cargo for Units loaded in Command Center to 6 from 4.
Total Units that can be loaded with “Neosteel Upgrade” 8 Units, from 6.

Base Defense:
Added new base defense structure the "Perdition Turret". Flamethrower base defense with a short 4 range, is best on killing melee Units.
Starting damage is set to 40, health to 2000 with an attack speed of 1.

Infested Savior:
Damage to Heroic units is reduced to 80 from 100.
Reasoning: Heroes get killed very fast, a nerf is needed on this.

-Support Tower:

-Chrono Boost can be used in the same time for Mercenary compound & Command center.

Bug Fix:
Fixed a bug in SQUAD MODE when marines and mercenaries would stop spawning.

Test Mode:
Added under test mode unit list, all new units that weren't added before.

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2017, 08:52 

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Don`t foget about nuke warning after SD please.
It`s very annoying!

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2017, 12:34 

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i think goli medi will come back now that they have 6 range again.
crawlers should get an earlygame nerf (armor imo) and roaches should get buffed. since this doesnt affect their survivability

hydralisk merc has a bug where frenzy doesnt gain dmg from atk upgrades

+1 anything crow says because he is right about everything

Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum
Vero=best mod.

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