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Change Log 21/11/2018
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Author:  Raiden [ 21 Nov 2018, 01:05 ]
Post subject:  Change Log 21/11/2018

Patch notes that address the no "Air Splash Damage" for certain Heroes.

This is a "Temporarily Fix" which is taking place for now.

Heroes that can now deal AoE damage to "Air Units":

-Kerrigan Ultimate Hero.

-Dark Archon Ultimate Hero.

-Archon Ultimate Hero.


All hero anouncementes are now showing up in red color when Heroes are entering the Arena.




Increased "Mineral cost" from 3 per baneling to 5.
Increased "Bounty when Killed" from 3 to 5.
Baneling "Morph Time" has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.


Fixed an issue with "Secret Menu" for retired beta tester's group, menu now works normally.
-dance command can now by used by all players.

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