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 Post subject: Change Log 05/04/2019
PostPosted: 05 Apr 2019, 22:42 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update Changes.


Ghost Hero:
Increased Base Snipe Ability Damage to Heroes from 1.600 to 2.000
Added indicator on “Snipe Ability” while targeting a unit.

Thor Hero:
Removed Absorption Shield Ability from Thor.
Increased Base Health from 3.5k to 4k
Added “Thor Barrage Cannons” Ability with 100 base damage.
Ability Deals AoE Damage over a medium sized area.
Each Hero Attack upgrades gives +25 damage to Thor Barrage Cannons.
Added 1 new Heroic Thor Upgrades having 2 levels:
“Upgrade Barrage Cannons” will increase the “radius of ability” (bigger area damage) and will reduce delay before casting.

Nova Ultimate Hero:
Increased Lash Ability Base Damage from 800 to 1000.
Increased Lash Ability Heroic Bonus damage from 2.4k to 3k
Fixed a bug decreasing “Ultrasonic Pulse Ability” Energy Cost to 35.
When “Lash Ability Channels”, the animation cannot be seen by the enemy players.
While Lash is powerful and takes only 3 seconds to cast, this change is added with caution and real game results will say more.

Odin Ultimate Hero:
Fixed a tooltip error on Barrage Ability damage.
Base barrage was 350, not 750 that was written on the tooltip.
Tooltip is now synched with the correct damage.
New Base for Barrage Ability is set to 200.
Increased Barrage Ability scale from +30 to +50 damage per “Hero Attack Upgrade”.
Reduced Radius on Barrage Ability by -0.5.
Absorption Shield new value is 15% less damage, and cannot be upgraded
Base “Cast Time” for “Odin Barrage is increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Kerrigan Ultimate Hero:
Added “Psionic Shift” Ability for Kerrigan.
Psionic shift “rush towards enemy units” by dealing damage in its path and by increasing movement speed by 30%.
Base damage for the ability is set to 150, scales with +25 per hero attack upgrade.
Energy cost for the ability is 75 with a 15 seconds cooldown.

Tempest Ultimate Hero:
Increased “MoveSpeed” in “Upgrade Speed” Heroic upgrade from +0.15 to +0.25
Added in “Upgrade Speed” +0.25 Faster Acceleration.
Reduced “Base Graviton Range” from 9 to 7.5
Reduced “Base Energy” regeneration from 1.5 to 1.2
Added in “Gravitic Drive” Heroic upgrade +0.5 to Graviton Beam range.
Added in “Gravitic Drive” Heroic upgrade +0.05 Splash (Radius & Fraction)
Added in “Gravitic Drive” Heroic upgrade +0.1 faster energy regeneration.

Elite Mercenaries:

Fixed Critical Strike slow, it was slowing down Heroes & Elites by 25% while should be 12.5%
Removed bonus damage to heroes.

Increased Attack Damage scale from 10 to 15.
Reduced Base Damage from 50 to 40.

Added Radius Cursor before casting “Missile Barrage Ability”.
New animation is added to alert the player before Missile Barrage Ability is casted.
Increased Base Damage from 22 to 25.

Increased Price cost from 125 to 150.
Reduced Corruption Bonus damage and movement speed subtract from 25% to 20%.
Added in “Corrosive Spores” Elite upgrade +5 Seconds on “Corruption”.

Removed “Bonus Damage to Heroes” from AutoCannon.
Reduced “Auto-Turret” base weapon range from 7 to 6.
With “A.I. Manifold” Elite Upgrade, auto-turret weapon range increases by +1 having maximum 7 range.
(Reasoning for this raven change is the “auto-turrets being able to attack from a safe distance (using high ground side cliffs) all mercenary compounds)

Removed Minimum 2 targets for Purification Orb to explode.
Purification orb will explode when timer runs out.
Reduced Purification Orb Damage scale per Mercenary Attack Upgrade from +15 to +12.5.
Reduced Explode Radius on purification orb by -0.25

Bug Fix:

Maraider Compound:
After having morphed to “Maraider” and lost the mercenary compound, when “rebuilding barracks”, building had -500 less health. This is now fixed.


Ingame UI:
Pressing F1 Button will enable or disable leaderboard show.
SD Activated Information window will stay visible for 30 seconds, after that time it will be disabled.

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2019, 00:49 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Ghost Hero:
Fixed Snipe bug not allowing to "Cancel the Ability" once locked on a target.
Removed Snipe indicator for now since it is visible from enemies also.
Indicator will be added and will be visible only from "player & ally".

Thor Hero:
Fixed "Barrage Cannon" suppressing movement from unit's on target radius.

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2019, 08:24 

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Raiden i feel like raven is totally useless with ai manifold.. Turrets arent working at all now.. Please check it. Raven isnt a ez unit to play.. It should work a littlw bit more.

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2019, 22:11 

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Ghost and nova ok now, maybe nova even too OP.

On the other hand, thor and odin are too weak to play vs good opponents that go ground units. Barrage on both of them suck and nova/gh with increased dmg completely removes it from play (not to mention that lash is invisible now)

Currently viable ultis seem: nova, DA, queen.

PostPosted: 09 Apr 2019, 07:58 

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+1 like it ^_^

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