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 Post subject: Change Log 17/07/2019
PostPosted: 17 Jul 2019, 22:41 
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Latest Changes are now live.


Tychus Morph:
Increased Base Weapon range from 4.25 to 4.5

Raynor Morph:
Reduced Base Weapon Attack speed from 1.2 to 1.1

Infested Savior:

Added 100% Armor Ignore on Infested Savior’s main weapon.
Reduced base “Damage” from 300 to 200.
Reduced base “Heroic Damage” from 150 to 100.

Base Defenses:

Added 100% Armor Ignore on all Base Defense Structures. (PF Cannon already had 100% armor ignore)
Upgrade Base Defense Armor cost will be increased by +100 per level. (starts from 300, then 400, 500 etc.)

Spine Crawler (Zerg Defense)
Increased “Spine Crawler” attack speed (zerg defense) from 1.5 to 1.25
Increased Base damage from 100 to 150.
(Reminder, Spine Crawler doesn’t have any AoE, its weapon is dealing “Single Target Damage”.

Missile Turret:
Increased base “Weapon Range” from 8 to 8.25

Photon Cannon:
Increased Base damage from 50 to 75.
Reduced “Splash Fraction” from 50% to 25%.
Decreased Weapon Attack speed from 1.15 to 1.

Arena Shop:

Destroy “Base Defenses” price is now increased from 500 to 750.
Destroy “Base Defenses” also takes out “Missile Turrets”.


Temple Zealot:
Ultimate Heroes now “Ignore Hardened Shield” & they deal full damage to Temple Zealots.

Removed the 50% Armor Ignore for “Air Targets”.
Increased Splash Radius for “Air Targets” from 0.5 to 0.75
Increased Base Damage for “AA Weapon” from 13 to 15.

Frenzy Ability had 75% armor ignore, this is now removed from both “Hydralisk & Hunters”.
Increased base damage for “Frenzy Ability” from 5 to 7.
Added in “Mercenary Boost” upgrades +1 to Frenzy Ability damage per upgrade.
Increased base cooldown for “Frenzy Ability” from 30 seconds to 45.
Increased in “Mercenary Boost” upgrade the cooldown reduce to Frenzy Ability from -2 seconds to -5.
Increased damage scale for “Frenzy Ability” in Mercenary attack upgrades from +0.5 to +1..

Void Ray:
Removed 100% armor ignore from main weapon.
On Mercenary Boost upgrades, each upgrade gives 10% armor ignore.

Elite Mercenaries:

Added “Observation Mode” which increases “Detection Range” from 11 to 13.
While in “Observation Mode” the unit cannot move.
Increased Base Health from 50 to 200.
Reduced Base Shield Health from 250 to 100.
Reduced Shield Armor from 2 to 1.
Increased Life Armor from 1 to 2.

Increased “Revelation Ability” energy cost from 35 energy to 50.
Increased “Phase Shift Ability” energy cost from 35 to 75.

All Heroic units will use a cargo space of 8 slots when loaded in Medivac.
(Thor, Colossus & Ultralisk were already using 8 slots).
When Medivac is killed, units that are inside will lose 75% of their total health.
Removed “ +0.2 Energy Regeneration” from “Healing Mastery upgrade.
Added in “Healing Mastery Upgrade” +30% more healing radius.

Increased “Missile Barrage Ability” damage scale from +5 to +10.


Heroic Upgrades:
For the Heroes that have the 2nd heroic upgrade cost being “350 minerals”, this will be reduced to 250.
Level 1 remains 150, just for level 2 is changing from 350 minerals to 250.
(Heroes being affected are: Phoenix, Hunter Killer, dark templar, Thor, Colossus, Ultralisk)

Thor Hero:
Increased “Air Weapon” Splash radius from 0.75 to 1.

Colossus Hero:
Colossus Stun no longer removes 25% of shields, instead the ability just uses cooldown only as a cost.
Increased Colossus Stun ability cooldown from 45 seconds to 60.

Hunter Killer Hero:
Fixed the “2nd Weapon Range Upgrade” cost which was 150 instead of 200.

Phoenix Hero:
Fixed the “2nd Gravitic Drive Upgrade” cost which was 225 instead of 275.

Ultimate Heroes:

Tempest Ultimate Hero:
Increased Base AoE Fraction from 25% to 40%.
Increased Base AoE Radius from 0.6 to 1

Dark Archon Ultimate Hero:
Increase “Health Regeneration rate” from 10 to 15.
Increased “Maelstrom Ability” cooldown from 35 seconds to 45.

Archon Ultimate Hero:
Reduced “Health Regeneration Rate Delay” from 10 seconds to 5.
Removed -1 gas cost for Ultimate Morph requirement.

QueenFestor Ultimate Hero:
Increased “Health Regeneration Rate” When “Burrowed” from 7.5 to 10.
Reduced “Base Life Armor” from 4 to 3.


Elimination Mode:
Elimination Mode decreases All units Spawn times when a team is out.
This is now added to “Fast & Fastest” game modes. Normal Speed is the only mode without “Elimination mode”.

Squad Mode:
Each player will receive 10 minerals every 10 seconds, from 5 minerals every 15 seconds.

Mercenary Compound location:
All mercenary compounds are now closer to the “Command Center” by 0.15 range.
This is a very small difference not visible without knowing this change, but this change took place in order to make the 7 range Ultimate Heroes (Kerrigan, Odin, etc.) unable to attack the compound from the side high ground cliff.

Leaving Team:
When both players from a team quit the game, once the timer expires it will also kill all the units (Marines, Mercenaries, Elites or Heroes) along with “Command Center, Mercenary Compound & Missile Turrets”

Voting Screen:
Voting Screen now has 3 options for “Game Mode, Game Speed, and SD”.
The “Expert Speed” has been removed and the remaining options are the following:
Normal Speed, Fast Speed and Fastest Speed.
The 120 min SD has been removed and the remaining options are the following:
60 Min SD, 90 Min SD and No SD.

You think that you are able to catch a lightning?
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PostPosted: 18 Jul 2019, 20:16 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Posts: 445 ID: Raiden

Fixed Yamato Cannon to require 125 for casting the ability.

You think that you are able to catch a lightning?
I'd love to see you try⚡

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