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PostPosted: 01 Feb 2017, 12:23 

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Gymshark wrote: I think that the league should be less competetive, so people can practice new/different strats and playstyles. Making a tourney with the top 8 put pressure on people to not be creative and so on. How official would you like the top 8 tourney to be and how do you compose the teams then, Andriu? I like the idea though!

Up till now since it was clan league people were focused on winning but I wouldn't say they thought of results in league as the driver of what they play, more they thought what to play to win.

Well as to the officialness it depends on the community I guess.

As to composition of teams in top 8 finals -> full random in each of 3 games and player with most points in those 3 games wins the whole league ;)

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2017, 14:36 

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Andriu wrote: While I was still in OoE we have started a league where we record results of random pres if one of designated people plays in one (Me, Excal, Envy, CanCan, Grim) ... edit#gid=0

We have already finished season 1 and feelings are very positive - you can check your results over longer period of times, see who you work well / bad with, etc.

I am open to letting more people be able to record results and thus make this league a MA EU thing not only OoE & friends. (example Gymshark has already received rights 2 days ago)

My idea would be the following: we record random pres.
After certain amount of time we organize a tourney where best 8 players (based on average, with more than x games played) play a best of 3 to see who is best of the best. As there won't be fixed teams, hopefully we will avoid targeting specific teams or clan wars, etc.

I believe this would be a fun way to get the whole community together.

why random?
- so that even if you are not a top player you can still get one in your team and have a chance at winning game / getting good place in the league.
- it's fair to all, as everyone has same chance to get any player.
- hopefully, it will dismiss the whole idea of clan wars

PS I'm open for suggestion
u no more Ooe??

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