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 Post subject: Tournament Infos
PostPosted: 17 Mar 2019, 19:25 
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Hello everyone,

im Happy to announce that the tournament date and rules are final and will be as following. Before that I want to state that the Tournament is official and approved by Raiden but I take the full responsibility for it's organisation and anything that happens.

The Tournament takes place on two days :
Saturday the 13.04.2019 and Sunday the 14.04.2019.

Feel free to ask me anything at Discord (Fade#6158) or in here!

1. Rules

Rules in a Tournament are important. There will always be subjectivity when deciding on if someone broke a Rule or not especially in ingame play. But please try to follow the rules and make it a fun time for everyone. I know people know each other for a long time now, but in this tournament it doesn't matter keep personal grudges out of it please.
There will be 2 or 4 referees depending on who wants to do that. They will first decide and if their decision is 50/50 my decision on that will be final. In the first place, we will be putting into application the general principle of law
according to which doubt benefits to the accused.


#1 Be nice at all times, play for fun. Toxicity, insulting, disrespect and negativity towards other Players is not allowed.

#2 No chatting after the first 2 minutes of the game. (Only glhf etc. in the beginning)

#3 Do not write any information about your or other teams composition, plan or anything concerning the play that will give other players an advantage. Especially observers are not allowed to write anything game related to one of the active players.

#4 Do not Team up with any other team, or agree on strategies / compositions before or during the game.

#5 Do not intentionally feed.

#6 If someone unintentionally disconnects in the first 4 minutes the game will be replayed. After that it will be kept playing no matter the reason. If you lag you have 2 Minutes time to get back into the game otherwise you will be kicked out.

#7 If you want to stream the matches as a player you can do that, but stream ghosting is not allowed and there has to be a dealy of at least 20 Minutes on any stream!

#8 No pooling or shared control (Disabled)

2. Style of play:

#1 There will be a total of 16 Teams allowed.

#2 Each game consists of the 8 Players and 1 Ref for each game. The ref is responsable for creating the game and inviting the players. A streamer is possible but not necessary.


Day 1: 13.04.2019 4:00 PM GMT +1

Round 1 : Elimination - Consists of 4 randomly generated games played in a single elimination game. The best 2 Teams of each game advance to Round 2. All four games will be starting at the same time.

Round 2: Semi-Final - Consist of another 2 games that are put together as following:

Game 1 : Winner Game1, Winner Game 2, Loser Game 3, Loser Game 4
Game 2: Winner Game 3, Winner Game 4, Loser Game 1, Loser Game 2

These games are played in a Best of 3 Series with the normal point distrubtion (-> #3.1)
The best 2 Teams of each game advance to the Grand final. Both games are starting at the same time aswell.

Day 2: 14.04.2019 3:00 PM GMT +1

Round 3: Grand Final:

The Grand Final is gonna be played in a 5 game series. Each game consists of all the 4 players advancing.

#3.1 The point distribution for the 3 and 5 games Series will be as following:

Rank 1: 5 Points
Rank 2: 2 Points
Rank 3: 1 Point
Rank 4: 0 Points

#4 The game will be played in Normal Speed (2 Saviors), Classic Mode and 60 min SD.

#5 The game will be played in Marine Arena EU

#6 A team is out when both CC's are killed. Rank 1 is the winning team, and the following ranks are decided by the Teams Bounty.

#7 The max. duration for a Game is 2:30h if that time is reached the Team with the top Bounty wins. (Both players bounties added up)

#8 If the Invisible Bug occurs the team with the highest total Bounty wins.

3. Price Pool:

Current Pricepool: 0€

1. Place: 70% of Price Pool & Ingame Tournament-Winner Badge
2. Place: 20% of Price Pool
3. Place: 10% of Price Pool

If you want to contribute to the price pool please DM me on discord.


#1 Every Team consists of 2 Players one of them is the Team Captain.

#2 The team Captain will be the one to contact me, the host, or referees if there are any questions concerning Rules or the Tournament.

#3 If you want to apply to the Tournament you can do that either through the official forums ( or through discord: Write who you are playing with and who your Teams captain is!

#4 If you want to be a referee write a short message to me too and tell me why you are suitable for that job!

#5 Application is possible until 12 hours before the Tournaments starts.

#6 Brackets are going to be announced 24 hours before the Tournament starts.

#7 Application is closed once 16 Teams are reached.

#8 Substitution is possible up until 2 hours before the start, after that your team is set. If any Emergencies come up message me.

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