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 Post subject: Ideas for ultimate heros
PostPosted: 07 Dec 2018, 15:49 
Beta Tester
Beta Tester

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Let's have this thread to make a discussion for all Ultimate heros. This is what in my minds now:

Let it be what it is now. Feels balanced and nice. Imo this should be the ultimate we can balance the other from.

HK is has rly fast speed dmg. Kerrigan should maybe have that too. Be the ultimate with fast speed dmg.

A lot buff on emp. It should maybe be available to do nova becouse of strong emp. So it with some few hero dmg can one emp HT and fest. And a buff on hero dmg for snipes.

It should be the ultimate with most hp/armor. Mb give it a nice buff on that.

Dark archon:
Not sure what nerf. But maybe a bit on armor and hp. I don't think blink should be energy. It's to easy to kill it then and it's a huge nerf. Maybe should dark archon still be the hero who is hardest to kill, but not so hard as it is now.

Normal archon:
Give it a possibility to storm instantly (when energy) or at least 2 in same time.

So.. What in your minds?

PostPosted: 07 Dec 2018, 16:18 

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I like the 0 cooldown storm suggestion for archon. For DA, probably tone down the shields? It currently has like twice the effective hp of the other ultimates. Nerfing the health would make it too vulnurable to emps though.

As for odin being tanky, i dont see that being his niche. Ultralisk gains the same amount of armour per up and would be a cheaper way to tank marines late game if you can get rid of the ghosts/novas. He could maybe be the big air counter (you must make him liftable with medis). Does he have the thor ability that gives damage reduction? If he doesnt u could give him a stronger version of that (dont know specific numbers but we could try to go for something quite extreme above 50%) to not get instantly sniped by voids, punishing air all ins. We should make sure that the AA damage actually makes a difference compared to double thor (could try give him rly fast attack speed to reduce the effect of 1-2 void rays in front taking all the splash and like 2 seconds until the next barrage). Countering air this way seems okay since its a big investment and it should be late enough for the air player to have gotten rines so he isnt entirely hopeless.

Something i would like for nova would be to keep the old snipe ability (on top of the new one she gets). Being able to snipe easy targets where the lock on isnt necessary is great for killing tanks and such in sd (double ghost can snipe tanks for 50 energy and they are 2, whereas nova needs like 120 energy to get a tank). Im not 100% sure if i like removing her animation from her lash (its so fast and impossible to escape from) so giving her the choice of dealing high inescabable damage (when she is in army for example) or lower stealthy damage with higher wind up time seems like a better suggestion to me

Question: What is the range of archons attack and is the storm range the same? Could mess around with increasing storm range (feels good for the archon player, may feel bad to play against though). I remember the basic attack range to be quite low (lower than 6?) so that should probably be increased so that he doesnt instadie to nix. Maybe make it 7 to fall in line with most heroes. Could also just consider increasing the storm damage by like 50%, allowing it to outscale tosh and almost outscale tier 3 merc hp ups. This would render ht useless as the archon investment would transfer into hero dmg and could be broken though as archon is way harder to kill. Archon-medi would be something to look out for, anyways these are just some ideas i came up with at the top of my head that could be considered and experimented with. If they seem crazy, dont take them too seriously ^^

PostPosted: 07 Dec 2018, 17:30 
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This is a brainstorm :smile:

[+] Click to see more
  • Give her some energy back when you succesfully kill something with Lash.
  • Give her increased Lash damage for each Lash kill on heroes.
  • Make her EMP disable ALL spells and passives for the duration it takes to land a Lash.
  • Switch between long-range single target weapon, and short heavy splash shotgun (like coop).
  • Permenant invisibility.
  • Radar.
  • Unobstructed vision.
[+] Click to see more
  • Instant rebuild at base (like Thors and Siegetanks from campaign or coop).
  • Basic attacks stun units.
  • Larger splash.
  • Liftable with Medivac.
  • When Odin die, Tychus jumps out, and you can give him Odin suit back after x duration if he doesn't die.
  • Make him able to move through anything without bugging around.
  • Un-stun-able.
  • Switch between strong singletarget AA weapon and high splash AA weapon.
  • If you kill enemy bases with nuke you get x5 rankpoints.
[+] Click to see more
  • Normal attacks casts storm (disable normal attack damage).
  • Enemies inside storm can't attack.
  • Can sacrifice shield to get energy.
  • Everytime storm kills a unit it gets increased duration (not higher than initial duration).
  • Storm disables all passives and abillites.
  • He can not take damage from his own spells.
  • Make him be able to walk up and down cliffs where storm is.
[+] Click to see more
I have no idea what her point is. Dark Archon is the damage dealer with basic attacks and she just seems like a worse Dark Archon.
  • Make her into Swarm Queen.
  • She can summon lots of units, slow and disable enemies.
  • Give her extra attackspeed each time she attacks.
  • Make her able to fly.
  • Nudus Worm?
  • If ally shoots her with Odin nuke she gets empowered and turns into Xel'naga Kerrigan.

The stronger the light, the thicker the shadows fall.

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2018, 00:08 
Beta Tester
Beta Tester
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Bring back tempest morph for phoenix. so every hero has an ultimate morph

Lou tempo passo, passo lou ben.

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2018, 00:21 

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I have yet to see a single person say kerrigan isn't awfull and in need of a major rework/buff. Hopefully this will help get her into the next update.

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