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PostPosted: 07 Feb 2020, 15:58 

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Hey there,

i finally played some matches of MA again after beeing gone for one year, and i wanted to ask for your opinion on picking early game heroes:
Do you think picking a hero early game instead of elites is worth it in good premades? If so, which one do you play and why?

While playing a few games i felt like base heroes (without upgrades) are weaker than elites and thus cannot compete with elites in good premades.

Especially in premades it can be important to have heroes that are usefull early game, say for example a team is occupying the shops, meaning you have no access to elites.
On top the risk of going heroes (due to counters like ghost) is higher than elites.
Looking at "risk and reward" (elites having less risk and higher reward) makes the majority of the players choose elites, which is sad because it reduces variety!

My personal opinion is, that unupgraded heroes should have better starting stats or more ultility to compete with elites. With ultility i mean micro options that make units more interesting to play and harder to master! Spell resistance for PDD, reduced damage for guardian shield, and corruption are great examples for ultility, but its all for elites not heroes.

Here a few ideas:
-Faster burrow and unburrow for Hunter Killer (and more movement speed)
-better swarm ability for infestor (less cooldown, more resistance) to assist your army
-way faster lurker with less splash for better positioning and micro

-ultralisk health regeneration that increases significantly by hero health upgrades (makes it worth spending into hero health!)

-nova stun ability for ghost that only stuns army (no elites no heroes) for offensiv ghost use
-quicksnipe for ghosts when not cloaked (very fast snipe that does not kill but damage heroes, to slowly wear them down. only consumes 30 energy, deals 500 damage + 10% of heroes health as damage)
-timewarp ability for phoenix

-reworked fungal for infestor (or secondary ability so you can choose): fungal that does very few damage and only SLOWS heroes and elites. however it cost less energy and has more range.
-> current festor i find a little bit sad. the rooting mechanic is a very interesting tool, but is not used. essentially ppl upgrade the fungal to kill units, wether they can more now or not doesnt matter.

(is no hero but still one of my favorits in terms of utility): 10% Increased movement and speed for sentry guardian shield, instead of less damage taken for 1 elite upgrade, 15% less ranged damage for the other upgrade

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