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 Post subject: New map! New chance!
PostPosted: 15 Mar 2020, 23:39 

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We played a few premades on the new map this evening, and i gotta say:
It was the most fun in 2 years of playing MA.

To name a few very nice new things:
-A bigger map that finally makes melee styles in premades a good choice
-smooth feeling when you play
-faster pace of the game with 1 sav, intesnse and fun to play
-medivac that doesnt need energy to load heroes

Since it is a new map, it is about time to get rid of some bad old mechanics:

Spam Emp
Killing heroes with spamed emps is frustrating. Frustrating if you get killed by it, and frustrating if you invest alot into emp, and the collosai still live.
Emp was never ment to deal damage in first place.
Emp should be a relyable tool to defend against caster units!

- Emp damage against heroes is removed
- Emp range increased by +3
- Emp cost reduced to 35 Energy

-> This way Emp will be a very good any relyable tool to defend against HT Infestor Sentry and Raven, removing their energy and farming, but it wont kill them.
It takes the stress away from ppl who want to use caster heroes, but are scared to loose the hero instantly to emp. The same time ghost will stay a good counter to caster. With the longer emp range ghost can deny farming.

Ghost Cloaked Snipe
The past of MA did rely to heavly on the cloaking mechanic. Some ppl have a good PC and monitor and see ghost well, others do not. This can be a very unfair advantage!
I think anybody knows the anxious feeling when you dont know where a hidden ghost might be sneaking, ready to kill your hero any second. It is very stressing and and not fun.

- Snipe is alot faster 5s -> 3s and uses the ability from real sc2 called "steady targeting"
- snipe only deals half the damage!! but also cost half the energy!
- snipe will only be canceled by damage, Emp no longer cancels snipe
- ghost gets a weaker for of nova stun ability added to its kit for more interesting playstyles

-> instead of directly killing heroes, snipe will be a very relyable tool to take down heroes step by step.
heroes either have to spend more time inbase healing, be more carefull to not be sniped, or risk getting killed. This makes up for more interactive and interesting fights, instead of "all or nothing".
It also doesnt matter so much anymore that ghost is cloaked, since it wont kill heroes in 1 hit anymore.
The faster snipe also fixes the issue when spam emp is removed (2x colossus and 3x hunter killer)


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